Fall is Here!

As the warm summer days come to an end the Manis team is finding new ways to protect your skin for the cold weather approaching and repair your skin from the warm weather that passed. Although we all love that sun kissed glow, its difficult to see the damaging effect it has on our skin in the long run. The good news is that we are finding new ways to protect, repair and rejuvenate our skin and eliminate signs of aging and sun damage.
With the mornings a tad chilly, everyone is settling into autumn’s light wind. During the longer days of summer, I like to spend my time reading and discovering new places. Whether I was in Toronto or on our girl’s getaway to Bahamas, there was always a book in my hand. As I poured through the biography of Nina Simone’s life, I couldn’t resist admiring what an activist she was and that talent, that voice. My own artistic flare came into play looking at facial balance, proportions and what we could achieve now with facial intervention and some good work. 
For an under bite there are always augmentation techniques and wrap around mandibular implants along with chin implants that could assist. 
For submental fullness there is always BELKYRA™ !
We worked diligently at getting together our first Belkyra results to share with you. BELKYRA™ has proven to be of great benefit to our practice. 
The use of deoxycholic acid to treat and remove submental fullness has exceeded our expectations. The results speak for themselves after just one treatment! 

For fall it's all about skin and pulling things together. I have been using Neocutis spot removal along with the Diolite laser and the Forma IPL laser to treat sun-damage, lesions and pregnancy masks. I am finding more and more clients coming to me with small white bumps due to sun-damage and age that they want removed along with dry patches of pigment and sun spots. It's time for it to go…Now. The more time left for them to fester, the darker and deeper that pigment becomes. I recommend a series of laser, skin brightening Oxygeneo and sun spot Neocutis treatments.

Dr. Katz recommends 3 sessions of Sclerotherapy to remove spider vein for the fall. 
I have always found the cosmetic benefit of Sclerotherapy a nice add on to how I physically feel when I get these treatments done. During the Fall and going into the winter months, Dr. Katz will be in the office more frequently so be sure to book your appointment today!

Our little girly getaway was beautiful! Bahamas was full of life, great fun, friendship and love. Like BELKYRA™, it exceeded our expectations.

With the colder weather on it's way, I strongly recommend picking up the NEOCUTIS products next time you're visiting. 

This product has worked well for adding moisture to my skin and protecting it from sun damage –all while reducing visibility of fine lines and firming my skin!

For all skin types • Non-comedogenic • Dermatologist tested • Free of color additives and fragrances • Not tested on animals.

Beauty, aging and happiness have always had commonalities to me...They come from within.


Take Your Beauty Back in Time!

As we continue to educate ourselves we are persistently on the lookout for new and improved products.

Princess revitalizes your appearance by unveiling your natural beauty while offering a complete range of anti-ageing formulations leaving the result of a natural look – you, just revitalized.

Princess injectable treatments are non-surgical, allowing for minimal recovery time and ensuring immediate, natural looking results. This injectable is based on Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural component present in our body that is crucial in retaining moisture and elasticity of the skin.

Over time, environmental factors such as exposure to the sun can reduce our HA levels exponentially causing our skin to become dry and lose elasticity. Lucky for us, Princess allows us to reduce these visible signs of ageing leaving a natural, healthy glow.

Ask us for more information if you're interested in giving Princess fillers a try!

No Sweat!
In other news, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Katz will be conducting Hyperhidrosis treatments at the clinic. With these hot summer days upon us the last thing we want is to be worried about sweating. Book your appointment today!